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In the early years of Complete’s history, a chance introduction to the Procurement Team at Vodafone unearthed a welcome and unexpected surprise.

It become evident that in the mobile phone explosion the brand leader was struggling to find the right partner to work with closely on their weekly national media campaigns.

Sending collated packs containing various point of sale was the critical final leg in the brand's aggressive growth plan.

With numerous printers all independently working to generate posters, leaflets, till toppers, wobblers, and a world of other point of sales - someone had to step up and coordinate them all.

That job and challenge was willingly taken by Complete and it was making of the business.

For the next few years Complete worked 7 days a week ensuring Vodafone’s message was delivered to the market. Often crews were working round the clock, so Vodafone & Complete became very close.

The team at Complete were party to all marketing launch brainstorming sessions.

Hard work and a willingness to go the extra mile was the mantra and formed a reputation that to this day still holds true.