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Every project is formed from one core idea. Ideas are what provide us with the freedom to be creative. We are not bound by physical constraints, materials or other resources. Just an idea.

Many contractors go about solving this in different ways. Getting staff involved to help, waiting for the client to come to them with a final decision, inputting a little bit without explaining and so on. At Complete Packaging, Mark and Rob get involved personally.

Our Process

Our prime focus at the start of any project are these ideas. We focus on the thoughts of the owner or team we are working with and build upon these ideas as a foundation for the work to come. It is very difficult to come up with a perfect product or piece of packaging the first time around. From our experience, having an external pair of eyes can help you see some of the nuances that you may have missed before.

Creating packaging around your own product can be difficult. You will find that you might tunnel vision on what you know and like, rather than what is best for the product and its audience. At Complete Packaging, we make it our focus to avoid this.

There should be an abundance of ideas; both practical and impractical. You might have an idea that is widely impossible to achieve but has an element that works. Merging these elements together to form one brilliant idea is our goal.

How do we achieve this? When we meet with clients, we hone in on this thought process. We try to involve as many members of the clients business as possible. Following on, we conduct multiple brainstorming processes to get every current idea out on the table.

Flushing out every idea is one of our key strengths. We come equipped with multiple, thought-provoking questions that force you to think about your product and goals from a different perspective.


Once we have every idea available to us, we go away and "Create". It is very rare that one idea triumphs all. More often than not, we take these ideas further in-house and consider the practicality and design in even greater depth.

This creation is usually in the form of a working 3D CAD packaging piece. Our aim is to provide our client with an example that they love the first time, that fits the brief and helps bring their product to life. Why do we do this?


Written ideas are a good starting point for any project. However, making important monetary decisions on something that is theoretical isn't ideal. By having a real-life example, you are able to see the ideas form into something tangible.

Seeing the packaging first hand can also raise more important questions. This then allows you to focus on possible colours, what works and what doesn't and move closer to a finalised product.


It's important to see a real working example. Blindly signing off an idea can have serious implications if it is wrong. Being able to see the packaging first-hand helps to aid the process of refinement. You can see what works and what doesn't. It's also much easier to see points for improvement on an example than it is on a design or theoretical idea.

This creation will also provide more information on size, space and weight requirements. Sometimes, your ideas do not come to fruition as you would have hoped.

Outsourcing your packaging can save you time, resources, space and at the same time, improve your product. Struggling with your current packaging or looking to outsource a future project? Get in touch with us on 01491 832222

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