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Every business will conduct their work in different styles, adopting the best practices in a way that suits their business model. Contract packing follows the same suit, however, it can be generally said that the differences in the way things are conducted are greater in this industry.

Warehouse and staff size, resource allocation, machinery, type of work and more all have a distinct effect on how a contract packer will run their business. Many owners take a management role, as expected. Being able to manage every element of the business can sometimes be a daunting task, as with any industry.

We do things a little differently at complete packaging.

Hands-on Approach

Understanding industry concepts and best practices is important. So is managing resources, finding avenues to improve and creating new ideas. Shouldn't the same thing be said about practical experience?

At complete packaging, both owners take a hands-on approach. Mark and Rob get involved in every process ensuring the work completed closely follows the brief provided. The third director handles operations and works closely with every department in the business.

Why do we do things a little differently?

We believe that our customers, however big or small, should be able to deal with the right people. People who not only understand the industry and best practices but also understand the inner workings of creating the final product. Academical knowledge without practical knowledge places a barrier between okay service and the best service.

This focus on practical understanding and experience helps us to provide the best possible service we can by:


If you need an answer to a question, ask us... it's as simple as that. We believe trust is one of the most important factors when hiring external work. If you cannot trust the business to make decisions, can you trust them to create your packaging?

Similarly, if they cannot help you when you need it, can you trust them? Mark and Rob will do everything they can to answer any burning questions you have.

Direct, Time Efficient Contact

As mentioned previously, every business operates differently. Most commonly, you will communicate with a member of the admin team until your query receives a response. In most cases, this is the most time efficient method, especially if the owners are out for meetings.

The main problem with this is that there is the potential for your query to get lost in translation, forgotten about or otherwise receive a delayed response. There are many factors this depends on; was the email address correct? Are the admin team trained? When does the business operate?

At complete packaging, we prefer to reduce the chances of this happening. Whilst our staff is trained and always respond as quickly as possible, we believe that a more direct form of communication provides a much better user experience. Depending on the contract, you may have access to direct communication with Mark and Rob themselves.

This will allow you to pick up the phone and immediately talk to someone who can answer all your questions. This alleviates response times, back and forth communication but more importantly, allows you to resume your normal day.


Sometimes it can be difficult conversing about technical elements with someone who is not part of the process. This can then lead to further and repeated communication which not only takes up more time but can also cause a headache.

Speaking directly to Mark or Rob can solve the issue or answer the question right away. This also then provides the opportunity for you to discuss the issue in more depth, furthering your understanding.

Outsourcing your packaging can save you time, resources, space and at the same time, improve your product. Struggling with your current packaging or looking to outsource a future project? Get in touch with us on 01491 832222

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