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About Us

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Complete Packaging is a one stop business for all types of fulfilment & packaging.

We are based in Oxfordshire & have a team that covers the UK & Europe.

When Rob and Mark embarked on starting Complete some twenty years ago, it was born from a very simple philosophy;

They treat every customer in the way they would want to be treated themselves.

Rob had a wealth of packaging experience before Complete was created. Mark had run many fulfilment & distribution operations.

By the time Complete was born, the foundations were already solid for all the services the company was about to embark on. Not that complicated, but if we're all honest it's not the typical experience we get in all business relationships.

What helped put the company on the map in it's first year was to become the primary Fulfilment House for all Vodafone's point of sale collation requirements.

 Working alongside Vodafone's chosen Marketing Agency, Complete were tasked with coordinating all printers and various suppliers to Vodafone as stock was delivered to our premises - ready for us to collate and sent out to almost 10,000 of the brand's retailers across the UK. Over a 5 year period, literally millions of items were collated, packed and despatched successfully.

 Over 50 Vodafone Marketing Campaigns were managed by Complete - and every one on time!

 It quickly took the business to the next level and helped us grow - taking on more warehousing and staff too.

Fast forward to today and the same principles are in place. Both owners are still very hands on and have a dedicated team of staff committed to the same values.
You can't do it without your staff and over the years Complete have been fortunate enough to secure the services of some great people.

Customers ultimately want to be treated well, receive a professional service and always feel they are getting value for money. By listening to our clients needs, and ensuring they are delivered, we feel gives us a competitive edge.

Meet the Directors


co-founder Mark

Coming from a background of running transport & fulfilment businesses since his early 20's – Mark's primary objective was to ensure his skills complimented those of Rob's.

One of the first things Mark wanted to introduce to add to the packaging knowledge was the logical addition of promoting fulfilment as a core in-house service. The two go hand in hand.

In the first year, Complete picked up the rather significant account of Vodafone (they couldn't quite believe it either) . Fast forward three years and Complete now had a new warehouse, more staff – and a solid credibility to deliver on time for one of the industry's more demanding companies! Many years on hundreds of businesses have trusted their fulfilment needs to Complete based on this strong reputation. 

Nearly 20 years on Mark still has the same energy and enthusiasm as he did then. 


co-founder Rob

With an extensive sales career prior to forming Complete, Rob has always been a customer focused person with a very strong track record.
He loves the challenge of ensuring each and every customer receives the most creative, and fit for purposes packaging for their particular needs - however big or small the project.

When creating the business the mantra was always to listen, absorb and then make sure the customer always gets more than they would expect.
After close to 20 years it would seem the basic principal was a good one.


“We first used Complete at a time when we really were under pressure to deliver a whole marketing campaign on time to the market place. Their ability to over achieve on our expectations is why we chose to use them for so many campaigns”


“We work with many demanding clients. What we love about all of the team at Complete is their ability to think between the lines and work closely with us in always delivering a high quality activity. They also help make us look even better to our own customers.”

Enigma Marketing

“The first place we call for innovative ideas in our packaging”


“In our industry image is crucial. We love the attention to detail at Complete”


“Our product packaging is crucial to how our customers perceive us. Once we have briefed the team at Complete we can always trust them to deliver a high-quality result!“


“We are a multi-million pound turnover top London agency with many household brands. We trust Complete implicitly with any brief to deliver a top creative solution every time. In our industry we cannot risk failure & a partner like Complete is so important to us”