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When KOPIKO first launched as a confectionary brand in the UK it initially went to market with some very plain support packaging. The result through the independent retailers was a sell-through of 10-18%.

Complete were then brought in to work alongside the brand and give it a different approach with our wealth of retail packaging knowledge and experience.

After a range of samples (plain CAD), we collectively decided on the unit shown. It held the right number of bags of product.

It had a small front section to offer free samples to the consumer and a perforated side so the CDU (Counter Display Unit) could be used for both transporting the packs on pallets in bulk and then go straight to the retailers, ready to go on the shelf as shown.

The result was astounding - the very next batch of activity had a sell-through in excess of 50% in the first 3 weeks and set the brand off in a new direction.

The investment in the packaging was more than re-couped due to its success and highlights how important it is to have an innovative, well-designed point of sale packaging. This is especially beneficial when looking to promote a brand not as well known as many more established ones.